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‘Virtual Clinics’ Activated at King Abdulaziz Hospital in Jeddah
13 July 2021

​King Abdulaziz Hospital in Jeddah has recently activated the ‘Virtual Clinics Initiative’ for its patients and beneficiaries in outpatient clinics. This step is part of its preventive measures to limit the spread of the Corona virus. The initiative allows direct communication between doctors and patients during the scheduled appointments via phone. It also allows them to receive the offered health services with ease.  

Jeddah Health Affairs General Directorate explained that the initiative targets 1500 cases every week. 33 clinics were allocated to the initiative, including 5 internal clinics (subspecialties), 5 pediatric clinics (subspecialties), 2 smoking cessation clinics, 6 triage internal clinics, 3 dermatology clinics, in addition to 7 clinics of the Diabetes Center. Scheduling appointments in these clinics was taken into consideration. Furthermore, they include 5 Clinics of the Medical Rehabilitation Center for all departments, with their scheduled appointments also taken into account. In only a short period of time, built-in cameras with microphones and speakers were provided.

Moreover, appointments were booked for patients, and most cases were discussed by doctors in the clinics. In addition, the opening of virtual clinics for therapeutic nutrition and psychological support clinics will be completed by next week. Furthermore, a mechanism has been established in agreement with the nursing supervisor, the records department, and the call center, to insert the data of patients who have been transferred from the attendance clinics to the virtual clinics by a decision of doctors. The appointment unit will be registering their appointments, and the call center will be communicating with them. Their files can be fetched during their appointments electronically, without any paperwork. 

Furthermore, the medication mailing service will be activated for the patients of telemedicine clinics next week. Moreover, many virtual cases were received at remote hospitals by the Medical Coordination Department and appointments were scheduled for them at telemedicine clinics.  

Last Update : 14 July 2021 04:51 AM
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