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Sakaka Diabetes Center Serves over 10,000 Beneficiaries
11 July 2021

The Diabetes and Endocrinology Center in Sakaka has provided its services to 10,536 beneficiaries during the first half of this year. The center continues to provide its health, educational, and treatment services through specialized clinics that include a team of doctors, specialists, and technicians.

Al-Jawf Health Affairs Genera Directorate explained that the Center includes 10 clinics. They are: triage clinic, adult endocrinology clinic, diabetes clinic (children), endocrine clinic (children), diabetes clinic (adults), diabetes clinic (pregnant women), nutrition clinic, diabetic foot clinic, social worker clinic, and psychologist clinic. There is also a department specialized in health education where patients are educated on insulin use and types of insulin, as well as on how to handle glucometers. This department is also concerned with explaining the complications of the disease, such as a sudden drop in blood sugar.

During the same period, the center recorded 642 new cases. Furthermore, a treatment plan was presented to them under the supervision of the center's medical staff. Moreover, the center provides additional services for the 650 patients, including glucometers (without injections), nutritional programs, and distributes awareness and guidance publications on the disease. The medical services provided by the center include medical care for diabetic patients (children) who suffer from type 1 diabetes. These patients are treated with insulin injections along with a special diet and ongoing health education for them and their families. 

Last Update : 12 July 2021 04:50 AM
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