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Al-Rabiah Honors (937) Call Center for Winning ‘Customer Experience Champions’ Award
01 July 2021

On Thursday, HE the Minister of Health, Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah, honored, in his office at the MOH headquarter, the 937 Health Call Center, for winning the ‘Customer Experience Champions’ Award, within the G-Summit Middle East 2021 Awards. The center was given this award in recognition of the unique efforts it made during the COVID-19 pandemic. The center has played an active role and launched several qualitative initiatives during the pandemic. It has provided correct and reliable information about the Coronavirus, and contributed to refuting the rumors that spread about the virus. The center has also responded around the clock to inquiries and provided medical consultations on the virus.  

Furthermore, it has served as an official channel to enable beneficiaries to book appointments for COVID-19 examinations through ‘Sehhaty’ application. It also acted as an official channel for the health volunteering platform. The Business Sector Center has also become the official channel for the COVID-19 protocols in workplaces. In addition, the technical team at the 937 Center has participated in building the self-assessment of ‘Mawid’ application and took part in defining the priorities of the active survey, according to the views of beneficiaries.

Noteworthy, the 937 Call Center has more than 3,000 specialist employees in customer services and doctors, communicating with customers through various channels (such as phone, social media, email, applications, instant chat on MOH website, etc). The center operates 24/7 with all its channels: (Phone calls, social media, email, instant chat on MOH website, ‘Eshara’ application for people with hearing impairments, and interactive chat on WhatsApp on the number 920005937).

The Center provides many services to beneficiaries, including:  medical consulting with qualified doctors, appointment service at PHCs, smoking cessation clinic appointments, technical support for MOH e-applications. It provides other services including medical referrals and treatment requests, complaints and reporting, taking suggestions and creative ideas, general inquiries, and transaction follow-up.

Moreover, the 937 Center is one of the most important initiatives launched by MOH. It aims to provide medical services over the phone. You can contact the center anywhere in the Kingdom. The center is mainly concerned with listening, responding, taking action, and analyzing. In addition, the performance of the regions is evaluated with regards to closing complaints made by citizens, and their satisfaction with the services provided.

Noteworthy, the 937 Center has received over 42 million calls since the beginning of 2020 till the beginning of this week. During that time, it has provided many services, including inquiries related to the Coronavirus, medical consultations, reports, and many other MOH services.  

Last Update : 07 July 2021 04:45 AM
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