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Eye, Insulin Pump Clinics Inaugurated at Endocrinology and Diabetes Center in Al-Qunfudhah
28 June 2021

Al-Qunfudhah Health Affairs General Directorate has inaugurated an Insulin Pump Clinic and an Eye Clinic at the Endocrinology and Diabetes Center in Al-Qunfudhah General Hospital. This step is a continuation of the efforts of Al-Qunfudhah Health Affairs to develop and improve the health services provided to diabetic patients in the governorate. Five insulin pumps were secured as a first phase, 3 of which were installed for 3 patients. The patients were trained to use the pumps under the supervision of a medical team that comprised a diabetes consultant (for both adults and children), a nutritionist, and a diabetes educator.

Al-Qunfudhah Health Affairs explained that the clinic addresses Type 1 diabetes patients who are eligible for the insulin pump. An insulin pump is a device that is permanently attached to the body on the outside, with a plastic tube is implanted under the skin. Meal data are entered after the carbohydrate intake is calculated. Then, the pump is then instructed to inject insulin under the skin. This technology helps diabetics control their condition and eases their suffering from daily insulin injections. On the other hand, the newly-inaugurated eye clinic aims to detect diabetic retinopathy early on, as well as various retinal diseases.


Last Update : 05 July 2021 04:20 AM
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