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Bisha Conducts Blood Donation Campaign at Hospitals and Public Places
20 June 2021

In celebration of the World Blood Donor Day (WBDD), which is being held this year (2021) under the theme «Give Blood and Keep the World Beating», Bisha Health Affairs has conducted a blood donation campaign at hospitals and public places.

Through such activities, the Affairs aims to raise community awareness on the importance and health benefits of donating blood, spreading the culture of charitable work and donating blood among citizens and residents alike, as well as highlighting its health effects on all segments of society and entrenching such noble humanitarian goals.

​“Blood banks and laboratories have performed more than 1,188,000 lab tests in 2020 – 2021 through affiliated hospitals, namely: King Abdullah Hospital, Maternity and Children Hospital, Sabt Al-Alayah General Hospital, Tathleeth General Hospital, Al-Bashaer General Hospital, and Tabalah General Hospital,” stated the Affairs.

Last Update : 22 June 2021 01:30 PM
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