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Al-Ahsa: 8,000+ Beneficiaries of Blood Donation Campaigns
20 June 2021

According to Al-Ahsa Health Cluster, 2,792 persons have donated different blood types as part of the blood donation campaign dubbed “Together we Save a Life”, which was launched at the beginning of the current year. The beneficiaries of the campaigns amounted to 8,376 patients with chronic diseases, hereditary diseases, bleeding wounds or surgical operations, and others.

More than 20 field campaigns have been launched since the start of the campaign, in cooperation with a number of government departments, charities, social activity centers, social development committees, as well as sports clubs, it added. It pointed out that the campaign will continue for one year through field campaigns.  In addition, the campaigns will be available on a daily basis during the official working hours at the donation centers of King Fahad Hospital- Al-Hofuf, Maternity and Children Hospital, Al-Omran Hospital, and King Faisal General Hospital.  

Last Update : 20 June 2021 02:47 PM
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