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Eastern Region: Over 100 Health Professionals Benefited from Radiological Emergency Response Course
16 June 2021

The Eastern Region Health Affairs, in collaboration with the Department of Radiation Protection, has held a radiological emergency response course for 100 health professionals. It has also carried out several training programs, including the chemical disinfection tent course benefiting 1,000 health professionals from the region’s hospitals, 4 first aid courses on traffic accident injuries, training of 100 security men, as well as training of around 300 community members during the activities marking world health days.  

According to the Affairs, the Emergency and Crisis Department operates emergency planning and preparedness units at government and private hospitals, and updates emergency plans.
It has carried out 33 simulations of medical gas system failure, as well as evaluating 33 simulations through field visits to health facilities.  

Last Update : 17 June 2021 03:02 PM
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