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 Al-Jouf: 1,573 Beneficiaries Served by Developmental and Behavioral Disorder Center
05 June 2021

The Development and Behavioral Disorder Center of Al-Jouf Health Affairs has recently provided its services to 1,573 beneficiaries.
According to the Affairs, the center has provided psychiatric services to 310 beneficiaries, the visiting doctor program to 118, pediatrician to 165, the speech and language services to 521, in addition to 50 beneficiaries of the occupational therapy, 225 beneficiaries of the psychologist, 46 beneficiaries of physical therapy, and 157 beneficiaries of social services.

It added that the center provides its services to those under 16 years of age, and targets the following categories: autism spectrum disorder, attention-deficit and hyperactivity disorder, intellectual disability and learning difficulties, as well as pathological syndromes such as Down syndrome.

Last Update : 10 June 2021 01:06 PM
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