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Asir: Blood Donation Campaign Attracts 200+ Donors in 3 days
02 May 2021

According to Asir Health Affairs, the number of blood donors through the blood donation campaign “#Dam_Dammak” reached more than 200 donors during the first 3 days since the start of the campaign. The campaign is currently being carried out at 4 main sites: the Regional Laboratory and Central Blood Bank, Asir Central Hospital at Al-Rashid complex, Rijal Almaʽa Hospital, and Al-Barak Hospital. In addition to these sites, all blood banks are open for donation, it added, calling upon all to take the initiative and give their blood to enjoy its health benefits and contribute to saving lives.

Through this campaign, MOH aims to raise awareness of the importance and benefits of blood donation, spread the culture of blood donation among citizens and residents, highlight its health effects for all community members, and to entrenching such noble humanitarian goals. The campaign also seeks to achieve as many donated blood units as possible to secure the reserve needs in addition to MOH's blood bank stock., amid precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

Last Update : 04 May 2021 02:50 PM
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