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 Najran: 104,000+ Lab Tests Conducted by Regional Laboratory in 3 Months
02 May 2021

According to Najran Health Affairs, the Molecular Biology Laboratory (MBL) at Najran Regional Laboratory has conducted 19,459 tests for COVID-19 during the first quarter of this year. It added that the regional laboratory and the central blood bank conducted 84,745 lab tests, including 8,200 tests for blood disease samples, 5,463 for drug and poison, 25,759 for donors’ infectious diseases, 1,400 bacteriological tests for facility water, and 15,654 tests for adult hormones. Moreover, the number of virus tests reached 11,306, the polymerase reaction reached 140 tests, serology 8,236 tests, as well as 1,549 pre-marital examinations, 190 mixed-marriage checks, 125 expatriate workers tests, 949 employment tests, and 2,801 driving license tests.

It pointed out that 2,973 units of the blood component have been provided in all region’s hospitals during several campaigns that aim to acquaint the donors with the importance and benefits of blood donation and to foster the culture of voluntary donation among community members.

Last Update : 03 May 2021 04:01 PM
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