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Clinical Pharmacy Program of Eastern Region Health Cluster Obtains SCFHS Accreditation
28 April 2021

​The Clinical Pharmacy Program of the Eastern Region Health Cluster, represented by the Pharmaceutical Care Department, has obtained the accreditation of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS), as the first program of health clusters in the Kingdom, which gather the pharmacist training accreditation of several hospitals in the region under the umbrella of one health cluster. 

It is noted that the program annually trains eight trainees in seven hospitals affiliated to the health cluster under the supervision of a number of clinical pharmacists and a number of trainers accredited by SCFHS. The program trains them in various clinical pharmacology fields, including: internal diseases, infectious diseases, cardiology, parenteral nutrition (or intravenous feeding), intensive care, oncology, and human organ transplantation. The Eastern Region Health Cluster takes care of the trainees by adding them under the section: «Doctor in Training». Also, the program enables them to gain experience in a large number of specialties available at various hospitals of the health cluster, and to attend scientific conferences, as well as cooperating with the Research Center that provides scientific and administrative support to all residents of the program. 

Last Update : 29 April 2021 05:37 AM
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