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11 Open-Heart Surgeries Performed by Cardiac Center-Arar in 3 Months
20 April 2021

​​​​According to the Northern Borders Health Affairs, over the first quarter of this year, Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz bin Musaed Cardiac Center-Arar has served more than 5,000 patients, with 2,713 outpatients, and 280 inpatients. Also, the center has performed 2,920 various radiological examinations, 403 cardiac catheterizations, and 11 open-heart surgeries.

It is worth mentioning that the Northern Borders Health Affairs features 10 specialized medical centers (a cardiac center, 3 diabetes centers, 3 kidney centers, and 3 dental centers), in addition to 11 hospitals with a 1,410-bed capacity, which are enhanced with a number of delicate medical specialties, such as: neurosurgery, heart surgery, bariatric surgery, endoscopy, oncology, and others. Also, the Affairs has 45 primary healthcare centers.

Last Update : 21 April 2021 05:42 AM
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