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2,000+ Births Recorded at Al-Jouf Hospitals in 3 Months
18 April 2021

​​​According to Al-Jouf Health Affairs, over the first quarter of this year, Al-Jouf Hospitals have recorded 2,261 newborns at four hospitals in the region, with 980 at Maternity and Children Hospital-Sakaka, 313 at Domat Al-Jandal General Hospital, 923 at Tabarjal General Hospital, in addition to 45 newborns at Suwair General Hospital.

It is noted that the obstetrics departments of Al-Jouf hospitals are witnessing a number of development projects, and enhanced with an elite of health cadres in various specialties, and cutting-edge medical devices and technologies

Last Update : 19 April 2021 09:03 AM
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