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 Qassim: 3,700+ Inspection Tours of Health Facilities Conducted
15 April 2021

Qassim Health Affairs has conducted 3,758 inspection tours to public and private hospitals, general and specialized complexes, private pharmacies, and support service centers. Also, the Affairs, in collaboration with the Saudi Food and Drug Authority, has continued with its inspection tours on private pharmacies, totaling 1,924 tours, with the aim of validity of medicines, not dispensing antibiotics without prescription, availability of MOH’s approved medicines, and essential medicines. 

According to the Affairs, the total number of field inspection tours has reached 715 to monitor any violations that negatively affect the quality of its services to patients and visitors. Legal actions have been taken against violating facilities, including precautionary closure until the violations are corrected. Also, 877 inspection tours were carried out to the public and private medical complexes and 243 tours to the support health services and laboratories.

Last Update : 20 April 2021 02:33 PM
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