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Najran: 15 Successful Robotic Surgeries Conducted by King Khaled Hospital
15 April 2021

By Allah’s Grace, the surgical team of King Khaled Hospital- Najran, since the outset of this year, has successfully conducted 15 robotic surgeries.

According to Najran Health Affairs, the surgeons have conducted 6 surgeries to remove cancer, including a kidney and ureter removal for a patient suffering from ureteral cancer, and 5 gynecological cancer removal. They also included 2 obesity surgeries, a surgery to remove a piece of iron from the prostate and repairing the urethra, surgery to repair the renal pelvis and extracting kidney stone, a colon, and rectum resection surgery, and 4 general surgeries. All patients have received the necessary medical care and left the hospital in good condition, it added. 

Last Update : 01 May 2021 06:03 PM
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