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 Madinah: 45,000+ Beneficiaries of Dental Services in 3 Months
12 April 2021

​According to Madinah Health Affairs, during the first quarter of this year, the number of beneficiaries of curative and preventive dental services at the primary healthcare centers has amounted to 45,613, including 24,353 fillings, 7,520 root treatment, 5,785 gum treatment, and calculus removal, as well as 7,212 tooth extractions.​

In the same vein, 34,438 patients have benefited from the health awareness services. Also, many patients have benefited from the preventive services, including 959 preventive fillings and 1,869 topical fluoride procedures. Moreover, 14,191 patients have benefited from the periodical follow-up and 13,978 prescriptions were refilled during the same period.

Last Update : 12 April 2021 06:13 PM
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