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Al-Jouf: Over 159 Beneficiaries Served by “Halfway House”
31 March 2021

According to Al-Jouf Health Affairs, the “Halfway House” at Eradah Complex for Mental Health has provided its services to 159 beneficiaries, all of them have recovered from addiction. 

The Halfway House aims to provide a safe environment and transitional period for addicts and prepare them to reintegrate into society and to deal with life pressures.  It is also reckoned as a pivotal station for rehabilitating the addicts and ensuring that a relapse will not occur. The 20-bed house has an integrated medical and nursing team and follows the highest standards of rehabilitation and treatment amid a supportive environment that help those recovering from abuse to learn the necessary skills to return to normal life. The house operates through three different phases over a period of nine months.

To benefit from the Halfway House programs, the resident must remain sober and has already completed treatment and rehabilitation programs at a hospital. He must also cooperate with the treatment team and participate in all treatment activities and programs, remain committed to the religious rituals, and be self-motivated for treatment, with the exception of the ones the management or committee considers as medically and psychologically unstable.

Last Update : 31 March 2021 06:32 PM
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