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Jazan: 17 Successful Neurological Surgeries by King Fahad Hospital
25 March 2021

According to Jazan Health Affairs, the neurosurgery team at King Fahad Central Hospital has successfully performed 17 surgeries, during the last month.

The surgeries include endoscopic surgery, disinfection of wound and skull fractures, spinal cord compression surgery, spinal cartilage removal, 3 intracerebral hemorrhage operations, posterior cerebral lobe decompression and subcutaneous tissue drainage operation. They also include a ventricular cerebral valve implant, two operations of implantation of the ventricular-cerebral ventricular valve to drain cerebrospinal fluid, and two operations of implanting skull bone grafts. 

The team has also performed two operations to remove intracerebral hemorrhage, an operation to remove a cerebellar tumor and an operation, and an operation to replace the spinal fluid drainage tube with the peritoneal end.

Last Update : 30 March 2021 11:40 AM
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