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Najran: 35,000+ Beneficiaries Served by Emergencies Last January
23 March 2021

Najran Health Affairs has announced that during last January the emergency departments of 10 hospitals in the region have served 35,878 cases, with 7,796 at the Maternity and Children Hospital and 4,715 at King Khaled Hospital.

Also, 4,728 patients were served by the emergency departments of New Najran General Hospital, 3,759 by Hubuna General Hospital, 2,252 by Thar Hospital, 7,772 by Sharurah General Hospital, 2,167 by Khubash General Hospital, 1,313 by Yadamah General Hospital, 941 by Badr Al-Janoub General Hospital and 435 patients by Eradah Complex for Mental Health, it added. 
It is noteworthy that the Affairs has carried out a number of performance improvement programs, including extended work shift service at 8 primary healthcare centers with the aim of reducing pressure on the region’s hospitals, as well as operating 5 on-duty dental clinics (16 hours shift) at the primary healthcare centers in North Al-Fahad district, Al-Dobbat district, Al-Hadan district, Al-Shurfa district and Sultant Sharurah center.

Last Update : 23 March 2021 03:45 PM
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