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 Riyadh: Electronic Paramedic System Launched at Affif General Hospital
21 March 2021

Affif General Hospital, in collaboration with Riyadh Health Affairs’ Emergency, Disasters, and Ambulatory Transportation Department, has launched the electronic paramedic system, which is directly linked to the emergency transportation systems of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority. The system enables the emergency department in hospitals to follow up the ambulance journey to the hospital, knowing the arrival time and detailed information about the transported case. It also allows the hospital, to which the emergency case is transported, to view his medical report and the type of first aid provided to him in order to be completely ready for receiving the transported case.

According to the Affairs, the system will contribute to improving the efficiency of emergency and ambulance departments, monitoring their work progress, and giving an immediate alert in case of any work-related malfunction, as well as supporting proactive decision-making for individual cases as per the type of the emergency. 

Last Update : 21 March 2021 05:02 PM
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