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MOH: COVID-19 Vaccines Approved in the Kingdom Safe and Effective, Urges All to Get their Jabs
11 March 2021

MOH spokesman, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdulaali, has declared that fluctuations are still observed in the confirmed and critical cases of COVID-19 infections in the Kingdom. He underscored the importance of adhering to the precautionary measures and called on everyone to hurry up and register to receive the jab through “Sehaty” app.  He confirmed that all the vaccines provided in the Kingdom are safe and effective, pointing out that 1,706,455 people have already received the vaccine at nearly 500 vaccination centers across the Kingdom. He stressed that the Kingdom is very keen on choosing the safest and most effective vaccine, adding that the campaign has expanded and some people are being vaccinated at their homes. 

According to Al-Abdulaali, 390 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been reported in the Kingdom, bringing the total number to 381,348 confirmed cases, including 2,947 active cases, receiving the necessary medical care. Of these, there are 538 critical cases, while the health condition of the rest is stable.
During the press briefing he held today (Thursday), the spokesman mentioned that 267 cases have recovered, bringing the number of recoveries in the Kingdom to 371,850 cases. Besides, 6 new deaths were reported, bringing the total COVID-19 deaths to 6,551.

He pointed out that the health services are still provided through all centers and facilities of MOH. «Taakkad» centers have conducted 7,900,974 Molecular Diagnostic Tests «Swab Tests», and «Tetamman» clinics have provided their services to 2,082,327 outpatients. They have also provided health and medical consultations to 29,142,384 beneficiaries through the (937) center. Furthermore, the total number of lab tests in the Kingdom has reached 14, 175,803.

Last Update : 14 March 2021 11:53 AM
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