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165 Life-Saving Cases Handled by Asir Hospitals in 2 Months
10 March 2021

According to Asir Health Affairs, over the two past months, the medical teams of affiliated hospitals have contributed to saving the life of 165 patients that were referred to the Medical Coordination and Eligibility Department (MCED).

It is noted that the MCED in the region has followed up referring life-saving cases through My Referral «Ehalati» Program. Such referred cases featured 1,541 emergencies, 685 inpatients, and 2,583 outpatients. Over the same period, the total number of cases referred to the private sector amounted to 208 patients; thus bringing the total number of cases handled by MCED to 4,974 cases.

Last Update : 10 March 2021 09:34 PM
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