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The Eastern Region: 90 Inspections Conducted Last Week to Ensure Compliance with Precautions
09 March 2021
​According to the Eastern Region Health Affairs, over the past week, 90 inspections tours have been conducted to various establishments and malls; to ensure the compliance with COVID-19 infection-related precautionary measures, and to follow up the adherence to wearing face-masks, physical distancing, avoiding crowding, making triage points, as well as providing sanitizers in such places.

It is noted that the Affairs dealt with violations that have been observed over there, noting that the total cumulative number of inspection tours, which have been conducted since monitoring began last July, reached 2,644 tours.

Hence, the Affairs highlighted the importance of adherence to precautionary measures, especially covering the mouth and nose, while keeping a safe distance during gatherings.

Last Update : 10 March 2021 04:09 AM
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