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Jazan: 425 Surgeries Conducted by ENT of King Fahad Hospital
03 March 2021

According to Jazan Health Affairs, the ENT Department of King Fahad Central Hospital has performed 425 microscopic surgeries for 298 patients, 423 of them were under general anesthesia, during the period from November 2020 to February 2021.

It indicated that the department's surgeons have expanded the scope of advanced endoscopic sinus surgery procedures and microscopic ear surgeries by performing 289 one-day surgeries. The department has performed various surgical subspecialties, including 36 airway surgeries, 31 surgeries to repair the eardrum 119 throat and ear ventilation tubes, 8 surgeries for head and neck cancers, 169 endoscopic sinus surgery and skull base surgeries, and 53 emergency laparoscopic surgeries for airway and esophageal foreign body removal.

Also, the endoscopic skull base unit has successfully conducted 9 surgeries to repair the skull base. In partnership with the department of neurosurgery, the unit has launched endoscopic surgeries to remove skull base brain tumors, it added. 

It indicated that, during the same period, the department’s outpatient clinic has served 3,188 patients, provided 458 consultations to emergencies and inpatients, as well as 1,100 audiograms through the audiology clinic for children and adults. 

Last Update : 08 March 2021 12:14 PM
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