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Madinah: 808 Surgeries Conducted by Al-Miqat General Hospital Last Month
01 March 2021

​​​According to Madinah Health Affairs, over the past month, the emergency department of Al-Miqat General Hospital has provided its services to 206 beneficiaries. The laboratory and blood bank department has performed 16,109 lab tests, it said adding that 5,099 prescriptions were dispensed. Also, during the same period, 808 surgeries were conducted, including 70 sleeve gastric operations, 120 plastic surgeries, 354 general surgeries, and 264 one-day surgeries. In addition, the hospital’s radiology department has conducted 453 X-ray and outpatient clinics served 2,065 patients. It is to be noted that the hospital features a 75-bed capacity.   


Last Update : 01 March 2021 01:48 PM
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