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MOH: Stability Not Reached Yet, Fluctuations Still Seen on COVID-19 Cases Map
25 February 2021

MOH spokesman, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdulaali, stated that fluctuations and continuous changes are still seen on the map of coronavirus infections in the Kingdom. Moreover, a rise in the number of cases was observed in some areas, while a drop was observed in others. This indicates that the desired phase of stability hasn’t been completely reached yet, which requires more efforts. In addition, the current curves seem to require a lot of vigilance, caution, and constant follow-up.

To date, 637,587 individuals have received the vaccine, Al-Abdulaali said, and the number is rapidly increasing. He urged all people to receive the vaccine to take swift steps towards a safer community. 
On the other hand, 356 new positive COVID-19 cases were reported, bringing the total number of positive cases in the Kingdom to 376,377, including 2,574 active cases still receiving medical care, most of whom are in reassuring health conditions, while 473 are in critical conditions.

The MOH spokesman made these statements in the press briefing he held on Thursday, with the participation of Mr. Tayseer Al-Mafraj, spokesman of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA). The number of people who have recovered from COVID-19 in the Kingdom reached 367,323, including 308 new cases of recovery. Five new deaths were also reported, bringing the total deaths to 6,480. 

Furthermore, health services are still provided through all centers and facilities of MOH. ‘Ta’akkad’ centers have conducted 7,496,760 swabs, and ‘Tetamman’ clinics have provided their services to 2,008,083 outpatients.  They have also provided health and medical consultations to 28,040,237 beneficiaries through the (937) center.   Furthermore, the total number of lab analysis and examinations in the Kingdom reached 13,509,412.

For his part, Tayseer Al-Mafraj reviewed the mechanism followed to continuously receive the vaccine files since the beginning of clinical studies. He revealed that direct contact has been taking place with companies that could manufacture a COVID-19 vaccine in order to overcome all obstacles, organize application  procedures, and hold meetings With experts, scientists, and a scientific advisory team to study the data on the table.
 Al-Mafraj has also revealed the general course of providing the COVID-19 vaccine. It includes studying the quality of the product, its effectiveness, and safety. Then factory inspection, product analysis, pharmacovigilance, and pharmacological errors analysis are carried out. Afterwards, final reports are prepared and notes are sent to the company. This is followed by presenting the product to the main Registration Committee, which is concerned with registering medication companies and factories and either accepts or rejects their products. 

Noteworthy, the SFDA has approved two vaccines so far, which are (Pfizer-BioNTech and AstraZeneca). Al-Mafraj pointed out that there are 4 vaccines currently under study and will be announced upon approval. Moreover, the SFDA has been making tremendous efforts to carefully follow up on the application of precautionary measures in the facilities that operate under its supervision, from 5 November 2020 to 31 January 2021. 13,403 visits were made, during which 368 violations made by workers were observed. All workers are urged to adhere to the measures to prevent further spread of the virus. Al-Mafraj also urged all media to avoid the dissemination of rumors regarding the vaccine. He noted that information should only be obtained from reliable sources.

Last Update : 01 March 2021 03:11 AM
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