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MOH: Fluctuations in Coronavirus Infections Curve Continue
23 February 2021

The Ministry of Health spokesman, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdulaali, said that we are noticing fluctuations in the curve of Coronavirus infection, and monitoring them continuously. “Whatever the community members do will have a positive impact and the first line of defense is our collective compliance with the health protocols. The individual immunity is a step forward to achieving herd immunity and overcoming the pandemic”, he said, confirming that everyone must comply with the precautionary measures in order to overcome this crisis.

So far, 600,798 people have received vaccination for COVID-19, he said, confirming that the vaccines approved for use in the Kingdom are safe and effective, and available across the Kingdom. The priority groups for COVID-19 vaccination include the elderly and those who have chronic diseases. He called on those delaying vaccinations to disregard rumors and to register for the vaccine in order to avoid impact on their health.

He added that 335 new COVID-19 cases were reported, bringing the total number of positive cases in the Kingdom to 375,668 cases, of which 2,463 cases are active, and still receiving medical care. The majority of these cases are in a reassuring health condition, whereas 486 cases are in a critical condition.

During the press briefing he held today (Tuesday), the spokesman mentioned that 323 cases have recovered, bringing the number of recoveries in the Kingdom to 366,735 cases. Besides, 4 new deaths were reported, bringing the total COVID-19 deaths to 6,470.

He pointed out that the health services are still provided through all centers and facilities of MOH. «Taakkad» centers have conducted 7,439,446 Molecular Diagnostic Tests «Swab Tests», and «Tetamman» clinics have provided their services to 1,998,375 outpatients. They have also provided health and medical consultations to 27,932,755 beneficiaries through the (937) center. Furthermore, the total number of lab tests in the Kingdom has reached 13, 418,416.

Last Update : 24 February 2021 01:22 PM
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