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Makkah: 40,000+ Beneficiaries of Patient Affairs Services at KAMC Last Month
23 February 2021

King Abdullah Medical City (KAMC)-Makkah, represented by the Participating Executive Department of Patient Affairs in all departments and divisions, including affiliated Jeddah Cancer Center, served more than 40,000 patients last January. KAMC’s outpatient clinics served more than 29,600 patients, while Health Information Department provided more than 2,700 services. They featured medical reports in Arabic and English, sick leave requests, patient requests submitted, via (Efadah) Platform, in addition to 1,693 services provided by Inpatient Services Department.

Besides, the Medical Coordination and Treatment Eligibility Department served 2,600 beneficiaries, and the Patient Affairs Department of Jeddah Cancer Center served 1,941 beneficiaries, in addition to 1,778 services provided by Integrative Service Department, which is one of the newly developed departments. It aims to enhance beneficiaries’ satisfaction and improve their experience by providing high-level services in a single and comprehensive stopping area; the matter, which would reduce the time-frame for offered services, and eliminate the duplication of tasks; to enable beneficiaries to access health care services, and to ensure their continuity.


Last Update : 23 February 2021 11:20 PM
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