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MOH: People with Chronic Diseases and Older Persons Should Hurry for COVID-19 Vaccination
16 February 2021

The MOH spokesman, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdulaali, has declared that the spread of COVID-19 infection curve has relatively slowed down. This does not mean the danger is gone though, he noted. No effort should be spared to adhere to the precautionary measures until positive effects are observed. He has also refuted the allegations that the Kingdom’s rise in infections resulted from new coronavirus variants. He mentioned that a number of the Kingdom’s regions have reported an upward trend in the COVID-19 cases. The current stage of the pandemic curve of is critical and requires utmost alertness, he stressed, and that critical cases are still on the rise.     

Dr. Al-Abdulaali has accentuated information about deaths or severe symptoms due to vaccines was completely false and unfounded. He pointed out that vaccines proved effective in protecting individuals. Additionally, he has noted that vaccination in the Kingdom would be expanded to cover all segments of society for free, and that MOH would be present all over the Kingdom at higher capacity in the coming stages. 

The MOH spokesman called on the elderly and the persons with chronic diseases, as well as obese people, to immediately enroll their names for vaccination. The number of vaccinated persons so far reached 462,812. He has added that 322 new cases were reported, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the Kingdom to 373,368. Of the confirmed cases, 2,630 cases are active, currently receiving medical care, most of whom have reassuring health conditions, while 480 are critical.      

Dr. Al-Abdulaali made these statements during the press briefing held on Tuesday. He said that 371 COVID-19 cases have recovered, bringing the number of recoveries in the Kingdom to 364,297. And 3 new deaths were reported, turning the number of mortalities 6,441. 

The MOH spokesman has also pointed out that health services are still provided by all MOH centers and facilities. ‘Taakkad’ centers have performed 7,250,076 PCR tests, while ‘Tetamman’ clinics have provided services to 1,964,836 patients. Also, 937 centers have also provided health and medical consultations to 27,632,885 beneficiaries, while the total number of laboratory tests in the Kingdom has reached 13,107,926.  


Last Update : 18 February 2021 06:19 AM
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