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Jazan: Over 33,000 Prescription Refills via Wasfaty Service
16 February 2021

​Jazan Health Affairs has announced that its affiliated health facilities (161 healthcare centers and hospitals) have dispensed 33,893 prescriptions via “Wasfaty” service, during the past month.​

It pointed out that 812 prescriptions were refilled by the hospitals, while the prescriptions dispensed by the activated healthcare centers are as follows: the central sector 10,756 prescriptions, the southern sector 8,237, the middle sector 1,839, the northern sector 6,144, Bani Malik sector 798, the mountain sector 942, the western sector 4,151, Fursan sector 20 and diabetes center 194 prescriptions. It indicated that the cumulative number of prescriptions dispensed since the service was launched reached 362,893 prescriptions.

It is to be noted that the ‘Wasfaty’ e-service aims to improve health services, ensure the availability of medicines for beneficiaries, and facilitate their receipt from the nearest community pharmacy under contract with the Ministry of Health.   

Last Update : 16 February 2021 03:13 PM
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