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MOH: 33% Increase in COVID-19 Cases
09 February 2021

The MOH spokesman, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdulaali, has reiterated the importance of showing a sense of commitment and cooperation. “Our commitment is our responsibility,” he said. He stressed that the COVID-19 cases curve is continuing to go up by 33%, and that severe cases are on the rise as well, by 41%. “The preventive measures should be observed everywhere: at mosques, work, social meetings, markets and shopping centers,” he said. “And it is important to be cooperate with one another, take the measures seriously, and immediately report any violation of those measures.” 

“In doing so,” Al-Abdulaali added, “ we will be protecting ourselves, our loved ones, and the entire society.” He called on everybody to call the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (HRSD) number (19911) to report violations of the preventive measures at workplaces; the MOH number (937) to report violations at health facilities; the Ministry of Interior (MOI) number (911999) to report violations related to exceeding the permissible number of attendees at social events; the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) number (1900) to report violations at businesses and commercial establishments; and the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs (MOMRA) number (940) to report non-abidance by the COVID-19 preventive measures at restaurants, cafés and catering establishments.

The MOH spokesman mentioned that 443,805 people have been vaccinated to date, and that 353 new COVID-19 cases were reported in the Kingdom, bringing the total cases to 370,987. These include 2,515 active cases, still receiving medical care. Their health conditions are mostly stable, with the exception of 427 critical cases.

Dr. Al-Abdulaali made this statement in the COVID-19 briefing held on Tuesday, which also hosted the Deputy Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs for Contractor Classification, Dr. Ahmad Al-Qattan. Dr. Al-Abdulaali mentioned that 249 COVID-19 recoveries were reported, bringing the total number of recoveries to 362,062 to date. Four new deaths were also reported, brining the total COVID-19 deaths in the Kingdom to 6,410. 

He restated that health services are still provided by all MOH centers and facilities. ‘Taakkad’ centers have conducted 7,045,821 swaps, and ‘Tatatamman’ centers have received 1,923,037 beneficiaries.  Similarly, the 937 Service Center has provided health and medical consultations to 27,337,007 beneficiaries. And the total number of COVID-19 lab tests has amounted to 12,746,202 tests.

For his part, the Deputy Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs for Contractor Classification, Dr. Ahmad Al-Qattan, touched on the field inspection visits conducted on restaurants, markets, shopping centers and commercial establishments throughout the Kingdom’s regions on 2 - 8 February. Over the said period, 84,000 field visits were conducted, he said, during which 13,000 violations were detected, and 3,000 establishments were closed. He pointed out that most of the detected violations had to do with failure to apply the COVID-19 health measures, allowing people not wearing face-masks to enter the establishment, or failure to measure temperature of staff and customers before entering.

As for the statistics of co-housing inspection, oversight and licensing, Al-Qattan that the inspectors visited more than 34,000 of such houses, accommodating over 1.72 million workers. More than 84,000 workers were relocated to alternative houses, and 17,900 quarantine rooms have been made available for workers. These measures have contributed to adding 160,000 licensed places to the accommodation capacity, he added. To conclude, Al-Qattan called on all establishments and small gatherings to stick to the preventive measures. 

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