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«Robot Doctor» Technology Launched at Prince Abdul-Mohsen General Hospital-Al Ula
09 February 2021

Prince Abdul-Mohsen General Hospital-Al Ula has recently launched the «Robot Doctor», used for medical consultations between doctors in hospitals. This cutting-edge technology, which is one of the medical communication techniques, allows virtual access of required consultants to any hospitals in the Kingdom, and enables them to move themselves through such hospitals​ until patients' beds and easily provide their clinical advices.

The «Robot Doctor» is featured by its built-in capabilities, such as: a stethoscope, special endoscopic cameras to examine ears and eyes, a special camera to examine the skin, and other tools that enable doctors to diagnose cases and provide remote medical consultations. Also, the robot features a high-resolution camera that enables the image transmission with a high resolution and clarity, which is medically approved, allowing doctors to read clinical signs and indicators, including radiology images. This service is a paradigm shift in the spatial-temporal rapid response of health practitioners, as well as facilitates the provision of best possible health service at all health facilities everywhere.

Last Update : 10 February 2021 06:03 AM
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