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Makkah: Over 1.3M Lab Tests Conducted by Hira General Hospital Last Year
08 February 2021

​​​Hira General Hospital- Makkah, over the past year, has conducted 1,349,044 lab tests, with 425,000 referred from the emergency department, 329,950 from outpatient clinics, and 590,100 from the inpatient department, as well as 3,994 premarital lab tests. ​

It is noted that the laboratory department conducts various tests, including tumor marker, biochemistry, parasites, bacteria, hormones, tissue tests, some immunity tests, viruses and blood diseases. In the same year, the laboratory department has carried out 4 blood donation campaigns, during which 322 donors were received.

Last Update : 10 February 2021 11:00 AM
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