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MOH: 35% Increase Seen in Positive COVID-19 Cases Curve
07 February 2021

​Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdulaali, MOH spokesman, stated that global studies show that more than 80% of the effects of controlling the pandemic have to do with social activities. These figures are backed by studies conducted in the Kingdom on recently recorded cases, especially those resulting from family events. Adhering to the procedures can cause the curve to flatten, leading to more control over its spread, according to Al-Abdulaali. Moreover, MOH has detected a 35% increase in the curve of positive and critical cases. Furthermore, the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine is expected to give its desired effect. 

On the other hand, wrong behaviors have been proven to be the main reason for the increase in the number of confirmed cases. Al-Abdulaali added that the spread of COVID-19 around the world is still concerning. The number of people who have received the vaccine is 443,153. Additionally, 317 new positive cases have recently been recorded, bringing the total number of positive cases in the Kingdom to 370,278, of which 2361 are active cases that still require medical attention. Most of them are in a good condition, while 408 are still in a critical condition.

These statements came during the press conference held today, Sunday, with the participation of the Ministry of Interior (MOI) spokesman, Lt. Col. Talal Al-Shalhoub. 

The number of people recovering in the Kingdom reached 361,515, with 278 new recovered cases. Five new deaths were also reported, brining the total COVID-19 deaths to 6,402. 

Moreover, health services are still provided through all centers and facilities of MOH. Ta’akad centers have conducted 6,990,022 surveys, and Tetamman clinics have provided their services to 1,909,951 outpatients. They have also provided health and medical consultations to 27,236,685 beneficiaries through the (937) center. Furthermore, the total number of lab analysis and examinations in the Kingdom reached 12,644,903. Al-Shalhoub noted that the press conference will be held several times during the week, like before.
He stressed that citizens are a top priority for the Saudi government, without any discrimination or exceptions. 

 “We have all seen the curve grow steeper in some regions of the Kingdom with negligence of precautionary measures and protocols. It is essential that all necessary measures are taken given the current situation and the spread of the second COVID-19 wave in some countries. We hope to avoid a second wave in the Kingdom, as that would lead to more pressure on health facilities and difficulty controlling the pandemic. New measures to preserve public health and prevent the virus from spreading on a wider scale have been taken. Their enforcement began on Thursday, 22 Jumada II 1442AH (4 February 2021), at 10 pm,” Al-Shalhoub added. 

These measures included suspending all events and parties for 30 days, which can be extended. Also, the maximum number of people gathering in social events should not exceed 20. This is applied for a period of 10 days, which can be extended. Moreover, all entertainment activities and events are also suspended for 10 days, which can be extended. Furthermore, cinemas, indoor entertainment centers, independent indoor game venues and those located inside restaurants or malls are all closed. Lounges and sport centers are also closed.  Indoor ordering services in restaurants and cafes are suspended for 10 days, which can be extended. 

Despite all the efforts made by the Saudi government to put human health first, and the continuous warnings made by all concerned authorities to ensure that everyone adheres to the precautionary measures to prevent the virus from spreading, some people still refuse to comply with these safety measures, whether individuals or owners of facilities.

However, the security authorities are on the lookout for people who violate the precautionary measures and gathering restrictions. Fines are imposed on individuals who are not wearing face masks or are involved in illegal gatherings in all regions of the Kingdom, whether in residential neighborhoods, resting locations, or other public areas. The same rules are applied in all villages and districts.

 All required measures are taken against violators, within the specialty of the concerned security forces, with the support of government agencies overseeing the private sector. 

Last week, 31,868 violations of the precautionary measures were found. Riyadh region had the lion’s share with 8,935 violations, accounting for 28% of the total number of violations across all regions of the Kingdom, followed by Makkah with 6,577 violations, and the Eastern Province with 5,290 violations.

A 72% increase in the number of violations was also observed this week, compared to last week. Moreover, violations recorded after enforcing several preventive and precautionary measures in all regions of the Kingdom to prevent the spread of COVID-19 since last Thursday at 10 pm accounted for 32% of the total violations this week.

All the violations recorded were handled according to the stipulated regulations, and legal measures were taken against the violators. Moreover, legal measures were taken against individuals who breached the Cyber Crime Law using social media.
MOI spokesman stated that these violations are individual cases that do not reflect the level of public awareness of citizens and residents regarding the decisions to challenge the pandemic.

He warned the public against people who seek to circulate rumors and false information on social media about COVID-19 to cause panic and incite violations of the precautionary measures. Fines of no more than SAR 1 million will be imposed on these individuals. They may also be facing a prison sentence of 1 year at least, and 5 years at most. In some cases, they may be subject to both penalties. Moreover, in cases of repeated violations, the penalties could be doubled. 
These measures were taken within the framework of the efforts made by the Kingdom to preserve public health and prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. They are subject to continuous assessment by the competent health authorities in order for necessary additional measures to be taken if required. Citizens can call the number 999 in all regions of the Kingdom or 911 in Makkah and Riyadh to report any violations they witness.

The MOI spokesman called upon everyone to adhere to the stipulated precautionary measures and regulations to limit gatherings with the goal of preventing the spread of the virus and returning to normal life. “It’s everybody’s responsibility to follow the precautionary measures. We praise what our generous leadership has offered so far for the greater good of the Kingdom and everyone in it,” Al-Shalhoub said.  

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