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Yanbu General Hospital Laboratory Supported with Advanced Laboratory Equipment
12 January 2021

​Yanbu General Hospital Laboratory has witnessed various development projects. Recently, 4 advanced laboratory devices were supplied and operated. They are all automated and expected to increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of laboratory test results. These devices include:  A blood coagulation meter that measures blood clotting factors. Its capacity is up to 60 samples/hour. Another device is the (Vitros - 7600) which conducts biochemical analysis, as well as some hormone, immunity, and serum analyses. It operates with a capacity of up to 1300 tests/hour. ​

There is also the (Wudiana) device in the blood bank department. It conducts compatibility tests on blood and its various groups. Its capacity is up to 144 compatibility tests for different blood units/hour. It contributes to speeding up referring units to the departments of emergency, operations, and intensive care in the hospital. There is also the (Elektronika-77) device, which performs urine tests in the parasites department to conduct physical and microscopic examinations, with a capacity of up to 30 samples/hour.

It is worth noting that all of these devices are automatic, and do not require human intervention. The results of the analyzes are entered electronically into patients’ electronic medical file. This reduces the standard error percentage to zero.

Last Update : 03 February 2021 11:44 AM
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