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Over 700,000 Emergencies Served by Jeddah Hospitals Last Year
12 January 2021

​According to Jeddah Health Affairs, the emergency departments of Jeddah’s hospitals (12 hospitals), have provided their health services to 701,139 patients during the past year 2020.​

It said that the departments received all age groups of both sexes in all surgical and critical medical cases 24/7. 

East Jeddah Hospital received the largest number of patients, 136,670 patients, King Abdullah Medical Complex 92,759, King Fahad Hospital 84,233, King Abdulaziz Hospital 83,846, Eye Hospital 59,207, Al-Laith General Hospital 53,351 and Al-Thaqr Hospital received 52,662 patients, it said. 

It added that Adham General Hospital received 43,576 emergencies, Ragigh General Hospital 40,936 patients, Al-Azizyah Children Hospital 37,358, Mental Hospital 11,988, and Eradah Complex 4,553 patients during the same period.

Last Update : 12 January 2021 04:29 PM
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