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MOH: Kingdom Among Countries with Continuous Decline in COVID-19 Cases
10 January 2021

​The Assistant Minister of Health and MOH spokesman, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdulaali, affirmed that the Kingdom has become among countries with persistent stability and significant decline in COVID-19 infections and the confirmed cases continue to drop by 98 percent.​

During a press conference he held today (Sunday), Al-Abdulaali revealed said that 178,337 doses of vaccine have been administered so far. “Vaccination priority is for the most vulnerable segments of society and later on will expand to cover the other members of society. The Kingdom has achieved important things in fighting the pandemic; thus placing it among the best countries in confronting the pandemic”, he said.

 He underlined the importance of abiding by the precautionary measures and keep wearing masks for those who received the first or second dose, explaining that immunity reaches its highest levels two weeks after the second dose.

He pointed out that newly confirmed cases are still being recorded worldwide particularly in the Americas, but noticeably in West Europe, South Africa, and in some places in Southeast Asia.
Al-Abdulaali confirmed that no health problems were detected among those who received the vaccine, noting that the subsidence is more important than the eradication of the virus. To achieve subsidence, important percent of society should have access to the vaccine. We have been successful with vaccination and will continue to be successful in the future, he added, praising the performance of the vaccination centers.   
“The immunity we develop when we are exposed to diseases is not like the one we develop through vaccination, because scientific studies prove that the vaccine is safe, unlike infection which may cause critical conditions”, he said

The spokesman revealed that 117 new confirmed cases of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) have been reported in the Kingdom; thus bringing the total number to 363,809 confirmed cases, including 1,970 active cases, receiving the necessary medical care. Of these, there are 309 critical cases, while the health condition of the rest is stable. In addition, 166 new recoveries have been recorded, bringing the total recoveries to 355,548 cases, all praise is due to Allah. Also, 5 new deaths have been reported; bringing the total deaths to 6,291, May Allah bestow His mercy upon them. 

The health services are still provided through all MOH’s facilities, with 6,187,303 Molecular Diagnostic Tests «Swab Tests» at Make Sure «Taakkad» Centers, 1,784,692 patients were served at Rest Assured «Tetamman» Clinics, in addition to offering medical consultations via 937-Service Center to 25,617,035 beneficiaries 36,149 and the total number of lab tests amounted to 11,344,428, he added.

Last Update : 11 January 2021 02:21 PM
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