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Najran: Over 41,000 Molecular Tests for COVID-19 Conducted
06 January 2021

​According to Najran Health Affairs, the Molecular Biology Laboratory (MBL), since it was launched last July, has conducted 41,612 tests for COVID-19.​

During the last year 2020, the Regional Laboratory and Central Blood Bank has conducted 431,290 laboratory tests, including 24,396 tests for blood sampling, 45,165 for toxins and drugs, 90,946 for donors’ infectious diseases, 78,964 for adult hormones, 11,868 for newborn hormones, and 3,654 bacteriological tests for facility water, it added.

Also, it has conducted 51,552 tests for infectious diseases, 36,810 nucleic acid test (NAT), 5,548 bacterial testings of platelets, 40,341 serology tests, 434 PCR testing for hepatitis B and C, as well as 8,673 premarital screening for Saudis, 490 mixed marriage, 519 expats’ screening, 11,281 driving license and 1,484 employment testing. 
In the same vein, in response to the blood donation campaigns launched by Najran Health Affairs, 12,270 persons have donated their blood, providing 36,810 units of the blood component in all region’s hospitals. The campaigns aim to acquaint the donors with the importance and benefits of blood donation and to foster the culture of voluntary donation among community members.

Last Update : 07 January 2021 02:35 PM
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