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Madinah: 800+ Patients Served by Al-Miqat Hospital Last Month
20 December 2020

​According to Madinah Health Affairs, over the past month, Al-Miqat Hospital provided its medical services in several specialties to more than 812 patients, with 26 cases at the ICU unit, 127 inpatients, performed 18,100 laboratory tests and issued 1,934 prescriptions.​

The hospital also performed 98 surgeries and 358 different x-rays during the same period.
It is to be noted that the 200-bed hospital provides its services in several medical specialties and has 9 primary healthcare centers, namely: Al-Deaitha, Al-Difa, Al-Qaswa, Erwa, Wadi Reem, Abu Markha, Al-Ashirah, Abyar Almashi, and Al-Asfarain healthcare center. 

Last Update : 24 December 2020 01:30 PM
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