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Over 1000 Smokers Quit in Assir
13 December 2020

​Anti-smoking health teams at hospitals and healthcare centers under Assir Health Affairs General Directorate have helped 1,080 smokers quit smoking, thanks to Allah. The quitters were registered among 3,600 cases in the Anti-Smoking Clinics Program in health facilities last year.  ​

In this regard, the General Directorate has declared that 38 fixed and 5 mobile anti-smoking clinics contributed actively to raising awareness of the harms of smoking and methods of prevention and cessation. In addition, 195 tours of health facilities have been carried out to introduce the Tobacco Control System, raise awareness against tobacco damages and follow up on shops. 

Moreover, Assir Health Affairs has carried out a number of awareness-boosting events and activities on the harms of smoking for the individual and society, benefitting about 7,000 persons of various age groups. It has also held executive exhibitions that accompanied 2,303 activities and provided visitors with advisory and therapeutic services.     

Last Update : 21 December 2020 02:46 PM
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