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Over 2,000 Emergency Cases Served by Assir Psychiatric Hospital
07 December 2020

​Assir Health Affairs has declared that during last year the Psychiatric Hospital in Assir received 2,657 emergency (ER) cases and 1,997 outpatients, with an admission average of 98 cases, in addition to 1,109 inpatients. Besides, the number of patients, outpatients and beneficiaries of psychiatric clinics attached to hospitals reached 17,195 cases. ​

The General Directorate has clarified that the Mental and Social Health General Department conducted a social survey to initially examine 40,372 cases (1,341 ER cases, 5,346 outpatients, and 32,314 inpatients). In addition, 15,954 cases were examined in the social and psychological services departments at the Region’s hospitals. 

Besides, Assir Health Affairs has indicated that the number of detected cases reached 16,686 cases (638 cases in need for medical treatment, 3,845 cases covered by comprehensive insurance and rehabilitation programs, and 7,732 cases covered by guidance and counseling). It has also highlighted that 4 training courses in Psychology and Social Service were organized for psychiatrists to serve patients and outpatients.   

Last Update : 21 December 2020 09:06 AM
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