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Over 188 Tests Conducted at Ajyad Emergency Hospital Lab
07 December 2020

​Ajyad Emergency Hospital in Makkah has carried out 188,643 laboratory tests on 35,644 samples in 2020. In this context, 168,398 chemical tests have been performed on 20,505 samples. Moreover, the tests have included 19,154 CBC tests, 503 parasite tests and 588 tests for the hospital’s Blood Bank.​

Noteworthy, the administration of Ajyad Emergency Hospital is keen to adhere to the preventive measures related to novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Besides, it harnesses all the hospital's workforce to support needs at various diagnostic, preventive, curative and educational levels, according to pre-prepared plans. 

Last Update : 23 December 2020 09:40 AM
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