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Over 6,000 Radiological Examinations Performed at King Faisal Medical Complex in Al-Taif
03 December 2020

​Al-Taif Health Affairs said that the radiology department at the King Faisal Medical Complex performed 6646 radiological examinations last November. 2634 of these examinations were X-rays, 622 were CT scans, 640 were MRI scans, 913 were ultrasounds, and 59 were performed using Dexa scan for bone density. In addition, 73 mammograms were performed; as well as 1619 X-rays using mobile equipment, in addition to 85 radioactive fluoroscopy examinations, and one nuclear medicine examination.​

Radiology section officials in the complex continue to provide lectures and training courses for the section’s staff to keep them updated on the latest developments in the radiology field. 

Last Update : 16 December 2020 11:14 AM
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