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 Makkah: 118,000+ Beneficiaries Served by «Tetamman» Clinics to Date
01 December 2020

​According to Makkah Health Affairs, since «Tetamman» Clinics were launched to date, they have provided their services to more than 118,000 beneficiaries through 7 clinics at the following healthcare centers: Al-Mansour, Prince Ahmed Mukhatat- Al-Khaldiyah, Heda, Sharaie Al-Mujahedeen, Abu Aurwa- Jamjoom sector, Ghran- Khulais sector and Al-Kamil Healthcare Center- Al-Kamel sector. ​

It is worth mentioning that these clinics are devoted to serving everyone (whether a citizen, a resident or an illegal resident), who develops Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, such as high temperature that may be accompanied by shortness of breath and coughing.

Last Update : 01 December 2020 04:10 PM
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