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MOH and SABIC Sign Agreement to Enhance Innovation in Health Sector
15 November 2020

​In the presence of Dr. Tawfik bin Fawzan Al-Rabiah, Minister of Health, and Mr. Yousef bin Abdullah Al-Benyan, Vice Chairman and CEO of SABIC, an agreement was signed on Sunday between MOH, represented by the Innovation Center, and SABIC, represented by the Local Content and Business Development Unit. The agreement aims to support the localization of medical industries, encourage local manufacturers in the field of health care, and make joint efforts to improve manufacturing. ​

This improvement would serve the development of products and applications, as well as reach innovative treatment solutions and technologies. It also aims to exchange the scientific and technical information, experiences and consultations that target increasing and enhancing local content and medical services.

The agreement was signed during the Minister of Health’s visit to SABIC Plastic Applications Development Center (SPADC). A visual presentation was made about MOH’s Innovation Center. 
Furthermore, SABIC’s innovative products in the medical field were introduced to the attendees. 

During the visit, ‘Shukran’ (Thank You) initiative was launched. It highlights the efforts made by health care professionals during the COVID-19 crisis and provides them with a package of symbolic gifts to help them stay protected against the virus while they are on the job and in their daily lives. The initiative is an extension of the partnership between SABIC and MOH in terms of providing programs to raise the level of health awareness in society during the crisis. These include “Live Well”, “Athreenkom” (You’re Excused), “We Return with Caution”, and the (Seasonal Influenza) campaign.

The Ministry's Innovation Center, which was established in 2016, is in charge of developing ideas and accelerating the implementation of qualitative projects. This happens according to a specialized methodology that aims to redesign services and create highly effective products to improve health care. Furthermore, SABIC applies an integrated strategy to support local content, with investing in individuals being its main focus, alongside with empowering national professionals. Health is one of its four main social responsibility tracks, alongside with education in the fields of science and technology, environmental protection, water and sustainable agriculture.

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