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Jazan: 31 On-Duty Dental Clinics Launched
05 November 2020

​​Jazan Health Affairs has launched 31 on-duty dental clinics for 16 hours, as part of the extended working hours system, at a number of hospitals and healthcare centers in the region, with the aim of multiplying their capacity for the ease and comfort of the beneficiaries, and meeting the ever-increasing demand for the service. ​

According to the Affairs, the dental clinics, which will be fully operated at the end of this week, total 31 clinics, 27 of them at 24 healthcare centers, and 4 at 3 hospitals. They operate from Sunday-Thursday, 08:00 am to 11:00 pm

A clinic will be operated at each of Bani Malik General Hospital and Al-Eidabi Hospital and 2 clinics at Fifa General Hospital. Also, a clinic has been operated at each of the following healthcare centers: Al-Ardha, Al-Shaqiq, Al-Jabal District, Baish, Abu Al-Qaied, South Abu Ariesh, Al-Hussani, Al-sara, Al-Esha, Al-Qaaria, Al-Mabouj, Bani Malik, Shalab, New Sabia, Need Al-Dhalie, Al-Khawalif, Al-Darb, Al-Madhaya, Abu Hajer, Al-Hasmah 1, Al-Diraiya and Mahaliya. In addition, two clinics were operated at each of Ahad Al-Masarha, Al-Sahaleel, and Hakmat Abu Ariesh health care centers, it added.

Last Update : 05 November 2020 03:20 PM
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