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MOH Issues Guidelines on Home Healthcare Services
07 October 2020

​In its awareness platform “Live Well”, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has published guidelines on home healthcare services. The guidelines feature 13 health services provided by the home healthcare such as: following-up chronic disease patients, intravenous therapy services, prevention and care for patients with bed sore, care for patients with intestinal feeding tubes, palliative care, and care for patients with urinary catheters. The services also include non-ambulatory transport, lab tests, mental and social support, providing medicines and medical supplies to patients, and others. The guideline also includes an introduction on access to the home healthcare services from inside and outside the hospital.

According to the guidelines the home healthcare services are not restricted to adults only. They include cancer patients, postoperative care, Alzheimer’s patients, head injuries after car accidents, mental health patients, bedridden patients, patient with hypertension, urinary catheter patients, patients with bedsores and wounds, patients with gastric feeding tube, and patients with respiratory problems, patients with intravenous antibiotics, heart patients, diabetics, rehabilitation and physiotherapy patients, stroke patients, and patients with gastric orifices.

Last Update : 11 October 2020 09:52 PM
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