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 Over 8,000 Patients Served by Baljurashi Healthcare Center
28 October 2020

​Baljurashi Primary Healthcare Center 1, over the three months, has provided its services to over 8,000 patients, with 5,430 at outpatient clinics, 1,715 at «Taakkad» Centers for COVID-19 tastings, and conducted 494 premarital screenings, 395 vaccinations, 129 X-rays, 1,701 lab tests and dispensed 5,120 prescriptions.​

Also, the center has implemented a number of initiatives during the same period, benefiting 1,300 persons, including medical examination for labors initiative (9 housing complexes) with 441 beneficiaries, medicine home delivery initiative with 213 beneficiaries and health education program with 620 beneficiaries. 

Last Update : 28 October 2020 02:03 PM
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