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East Jeddah Hospital Introduces New Lab Equipment
27 October 2020

​According to East Jeddah Hospital, a new generation of clinical biochemistry and hormone devices has been introduced to its Core Lab and Serology and Virology Lab.

Also, the hospital has operated the new generation of blood hemophilia and clotting factors devices, which analyze a wide range of blood screening, including blood chemicals, heart enzymes, viruses, and serums with accuracy and high monitoring quality around the clock. They enable doctors and health providers to quickly access the lab results; thus contributing to taking accurate medical decisions and developing a treatment plan in a record time under the supervision of a highly qualified medical team. 

Such step comes in an endeavor to have sustainable healthcare services and to provide high quality medical and lab services for citizens and residents, and in continuation of the ongoing efforts to develop the health service system.

Last Update : 28 October 2020 02:30 PM
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