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Al-Qunfudhah: Health Coach Clinics Launched at 6 Healthcare Centers
27 October 2020
Al-Qunfudhah Health Affairs has launched Health Coach Clinics at 6 healthcare centers, namely: Al Khalidiya, Al-Hubail, Al Muzaylif, Al-Safah, Namira, and Sabat Shamran Healthcare Centers.

These clinics aim to improve the individual and society health, and enable them to adopt a healthy lifestyle through health education and training at primary healthcare centers. Also, these clinics aims to empower and educate outpatients, especially those with chronic diseases, on how to cope with chronic illness, continuous follow-up of their health improvement, as well as reducing complications. These clinics are enhanced with qualified health professionals, who continuously follow up patients, and changes their daily behaviors to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Last Update : 27 October 2020 11:55 AM
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